320180140 х 115 mmFine20/80 pcs.
320280140 х 115 mmMedium20/80 pcs.
320400140 х 115 mmMicrofine20/80 pcs.
320600140 х 115 mmSuperfine20/80 pcs.
320800140 х 115 mmUltrafine20/80 pcs.
Abrasive sponges with the use of silicon carbide and aluminum oxide minerals combining extremely high abrasive capability and wear resistance. Soft polyurethane backing provides full contact of abrasive with the working surface without dependence of its shape.
Function: abrasive sponges are intended for continuous effective hand sanding of metals, paint materials, putties, plastic, wood and etc. Abrasive sponges can be used wet or dry in awkward areas, for shaping and edge sanding. They are times more effective than any traditional sanding paper. Abrasive sponges are being produced in 5 versions: Medium, Fine, Superfine, Ultrafine and Microfine. Medium and Fine are used for sanding before primer application, Superfine – for finishing primers before acrylic and dark color applications, Ultrafine and Microfine – for finishing primers before critical color applications such as light metallic’s and pearls.

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140 х 115 mm


Fine, Medium, Microfine, Superfine, Ultrafine


20/80 pcs.