PG 060Gravity cup0.6 LFemale thread
PG SMV / SLVGravity cup0.6 LMale thread
S-081CAnalogue manometer
S-081CDDigital manometer
PUF 906-07-01Filter elementFor L9062MB / L9063MB water and oil separator (0, 1 µM)
S-091APaint filterFor 0,6 L gravity cup
S-092ViscosimeterDIN ; FORD 4
S-093Spray gun holderMetal
SF25FT-2Flexible hybrid polymer air duct1/4" air duct 7,5m1/4" Male thread ø 6,4 mm
SF50FT-3Flexible hybrid polymer air duct3/8" air duct 7,5m1/4" Male thread ø 9,5 mm
E20SFPAir Quick Connect1/4" Female thread
E20SHPAir Quick Connect6-8 mm (for 1/4" air duct)
E20SMPAir Quick Connect1/4" Female thread
E30SHPAir Quick Connect9-11 mm (for 3/8" air duct)
KIT 4FRepair kitGaskets and springs
KIT XPSRepair kitGaskets and springs
KIT 106FRepair kitGaskets and springs

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Air Quick Connect, Analogue manometer, Digital manometer, Filter element, Flexible hybrid polymer air duct, Gravity cup, Paint filter, Repair kit, Spray gun holder, Viscosimeter


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