800700Hardener VPRwhite3,6 L1/4 pcs.
800720Hardener VPRwhite1 L1/4 pcs.
800701Hardener VPRgrey3,6 L1/4 pcs.
800721Hardener VPRgrey1 L1/4 pcs.
800702Hardener VPRblack3,6 L1/4 pcs.
800722Hardener VPRblack1 L1/4 pcs.
800771Primer VHS 4:1-0,9 L1/4 pcs.
800727Primer VHS 4:1-0.25 L1/4 pcs.
Fast drying primer/filler. It has very good application properties – excellent levelling and filling. Primer is dedicated for diferent kinds of repairs and can be used like compact filler or secondary primer. Excellent sanding properties without clogging of sanding paper. VHS Primer 4:1 gives corrosion protection and very good adhesion on different kind of metal surfaces.