The objectives of the Radex® programme

Our main objective is the distribution and promotion of the Radex® brand throughout the world. Our range of new car repair products allows the customer to receive “premium” level materials for the best prices directly from the manufacturer.

Our main task is to design and develop the best car-body repair materials as well as select them from the world’s leading manufacturers. Already today, Radex® products are an integral part of many European plants, because in collaboration with manufacturers we have developed new and unique products available only in our range of goods.

The high-quality Radex® car-body repair materials enable you to

  • Optimize the work of a car-body repair company,
  • Improve the quality of the repair,
  • Increase productivity while reducing the costs of car repair,
  • Save time and use it to achieve higher profits.


  • A wide-ranging offer (including car paint, tools, paint coating cabins, etc.),
  • Excellent quality,
  • Comprehensive technical, informational and promotion support,
  • Theoretical and practical training of our customer’s staff at the most up-to-date training centre in the Baltics, free of charge,
  • A flexible system of discounts,
  • Various forms of payment,
  • A well-organized logistics system.
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