Purple ceramic film roll


Heat resistance, high strength, anti-deformation, ultra-even surface, excellent flexibility, and workpieces having a smoother finish are the characteristics that define RADEX Ceramic film roll.

Special anti-clog coating ensures effective sanding dust removal and prevents clogging, thus optimizing product performance. It features a smoother surface than abrasive cloth and offers better strength and dimensional stability than abrasive paper. Additionally, it is waterproof and oil-resistant, making it suitable for use in both wet and dry conditions.

55808070 mm x 12 mP801/4 pcs.
55812070 mm x 12 mР1201/4 pcs.
55818070 mm x 12 mР1801/4 pcs.
55824070 mm x 12 mР2401/4 pcs.
55832070 mm x 12 mР3201/4 pcs.
55840070 mm x 12 mР4001/4 pcs.

They are ideal for auto body painting and polishing, woodworking, metal polishing, furniture finishing, fiberglass work, primers, and plastics.

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