RADEX FLEX abrasives has a unique grain structure on an innovative latex backing which is ideal for curved tops and round parts. It gives an extremely uniform and shallow sanding scratch with maximum control. A great time saver both during the prep and during finishing, where we have the advantage of dry sanding.

The innovative latex backing and the unique grain structure result in extremely uniform and shallow scratches. Maximum control during primer and topcoat sanding allows up to 50% time saving. RADEX FLEX abrasives prevents potential problems in the rest of the sanding process.

531500Ø 152 mmbrownP150025/250 pcs.
532500Ø 152 mmlight greenР250025/250 pcs.
533000Ø 152 mmgreyР300025/250 pcs.
532575Ø 75 mmlight greenР250025/250 pcs.
533075Ø 75 mmgreyР300025/250 pcs.


Ideal for curved tops and round parts.

Perfect in combination with Random orbital sander (art. 420025, art. 420050), 2-Hand random orbital sander (art. 420252) or 2-Hand gear-driven sander (art. 420450, art. 420452).

For use with RADEX universal back-up pad, art. 500002, or RADEX multihole back-up pad, art. 500556 (see “Pneumatic tool” section).

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