Function: abrasive paper in rolls is the most efficient type of material from the cost-effectiveness point of view developed for continuous sanding of metals, paint materials, putties, plastic, wood, etc., by hand or by hand blocks. They are recommended to use in repair and conveyor car painting, wood and metal working, manufacture of furniture, household appliances, etc.

552040115 mm х 50 mР401/4 pcs.
552060115 mm х 50 mР601/8 pcs.
552080115 mm х 50 mР801/8 pcs.
552100115 mm х 50 mР1001/8 pcs.
552120115 mm х 50 mР1201/8 pcs.
552150115 mm х 50 mР1501/8 pcs.
552180115 mm х 50 mР1801/8 pcs.
552220115 mm х 50 mР2201/8 pcs.
552240115 mm х 50 mР2401/8 pcs.
552280115 mm х 50 mР2801/8 pcs.
552320115 mm х 50 mР3201/8 pcs.
552360115 mm х 50 mР3601/8 pcs.
552400115 mm х 50 mР4001/8 pcs.
552500115 mm х 50 mР5001/8 pcs.
552600115 mm х 50 mР6001/8 pcs.