masking film in sheets and rolls


High-density transparent polyethylene film with an electrostatic coating, that is used for masking areas that are not to be painted over.



High-density transparent polyethylene film with electrostatic coating.  Special surface treatments ensure excellent adhesion of paint to the film around the repair area and eliminate the need for additional paper masking, as well as the risk of paint ‘flaking’ on removal. It is resistant to a temperature up to 80ºC.

6600104 x 200 m10 μm1 roll
6600135.5 x 150 m10 μm1 roll
6600166 x 100 m10 μm1 roll
6600124 x 5 m7 μm1 sheet

The film is supplied in a roll folded in several layers. The roll height in the folded position is 1 m.

RADEX logo with the sign “This side up” is printed along the centre of the film to provide an accurate positioning guide.

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