• Velcro hook-it backing pad
  • Can be washed and reused

RADEX lambs wool polishing pads offer the ultimate quality and performance.

This top quality lambs wool cuts quicker than a foam pad, and lasts longer. The heat absorbing characteristics of wool fibres greatly reduces the amount of heat generated during machine polishing, allowing defects to be eliminated quicker.

181500MediumØ 150 mm1/10 pcs.
181502SoftØ 150 mm1/5 pcs.
181501Ø 80 mm1/10 pcs.
181600Purple hybridØ 165 mm1/10 pcs.
181659Purple hybridØ 152 mm1/10 pcs.
181601PremiumØ 165 mm1/10 pcs.
181602TwistedØ 165 mm1/10 pcs.
181688Double sideØ 203 mm1/40 pcs.

Recommended for using with RADEX one step polishing compound.

In combination with Small shaft grinding M14 Female 5/8”-1” Art. 500560 Package 1pc.


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