555536Ø 50 mmP3625/200 pcs.
555550Ø 50 mmР5025/200 pcs.
555560Ø 50 mmР6025/200 pcs.
555580Ø 50 mmР8025/200 pcs.
High-performance durable discs with the use of aluminum oxide and zirconium minerals, up to date resin binders and fiber backing. Due to advanced technologies implemented in manufacturing of fiber discs they are less breaking off that leads to increased productivity and longer life.
Function: fiber discs are intended for grinding different types of metals in small and hard to reach places such as weld joints, door shuts, wheel arches and etc. Fiber discs have special quick connection system that simplify and speed up the process of attaching/detaching them to back up pad.

Additional Information


Ø 50 mm


P36, Р50, Р60, Р80


25/200 pcs.