white paint strainers with RADEX logo


Paint strainers are disposable paper filters with 125 or 190 micron nylon mesh with uniformly sized cells, making the filtering process ideal

Disposable paint strainers are intended for filtering any types of paint. 125 micron strainers are used for water-based paint filtration. 190 micron strainers are used for solvent based paint filtration.

360001125 micron250/1000 pcs.
360002190 micron250/1000 pcs.

The glue is applied to the exterior surface in laminating the nylon mesh to the paper. No direct contact between the solvent and the glue, thus avoiding any possibility of contamination of the base/clear being strained. All imprinting is done on the outside surface avoiding any direct contact between the solvent and inks. This design increases the resistance of the strainers by 2 to 3 times (depending on the solvent strength). Nylon mesh has equal cells that make the filtering process ideal.

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