2K Clearcoat HS


RADEX 2K Clearcoat HS is an acrylic clearcoat that has a high solids content and is highly scratch resistant (SR). High hardness, UV resistance and weather resistance guarantee high durability, while the gloss and depth ensure an excellent appearance of the coated surface.

Due to its properties, both HS and HS ECO clearcoats, are clearcoats that enables easy reproduction of the factory paint coating structure. They have good dry spray absorption, which makes them perfect for coating large surfaces.

The good flowability and quick drying time assure easy repair and short time of processing in the painting booth. It is available in versions with the standard or fast hardener. The selection of specific hardener depends on the application conditions.

2K HS clearcoats in two sizes
8100015 L1/4 pcs.
8100031 L1/6 pcs.

2K Clearcoat hardeners vc10 vc30
VC 30810240standard0.5 L1/6 pcs.
VC 30810130standard2.5 L1/4 pcs.
VC 10810110fast0.5 L1/6 pcs.
VC 10810210fast2.5 L1/4 pcs.

2K HS ECO clearcoat and hardener
2K HS ECO clearcoat8100041 L1/6 pcs.
Hardener VC30 ECO810170standard0.5 L1/6 pcs.

2K Clearcoat HS recommendations

Recommended to use in combination with RADEX standard hardener VC30 or fast hardener VC10 in proportion 2:1.

Similarly, RADEX 2K HS ECO with RADEX hardener VC 30 ECO in proportion 2:1.

The recommended coating thickness is obtained by applying one and a half layers.

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