acryl thinners


Mixture of solvents designed for thinning all fillers and acrylic lacquers.

Available in three versions: fast, standard, and universal, allowing for the use of the appropriate thinner depending on the working temperature and the size of the repair.

AT30820135standard5 L1/4 pcs.
AT30820130standard0.5 L1/6 pcs.
AT10820110fast0.5 L1/6 pcs.
UNI820000universal5 L1/4 pcs.

Thinners are recommended for using with RADEX EVO Primer 4:1 HS, RADEX EP Epoxy Primer, RADEX 2K Clearcoat HS and 2K Express Clearcoat, 1K plastic primer & filler, 2K RS 1.1 fast drying clearcoat.

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