wire wheel


Steel and stainless steel wire brushes available in two widths and various hardness levels, featuring both straight and curved ends.

Wire brushes are used for rust removal, cleaning rust pores, stripping flexible coatings from surfaces.

420901Steel22 x 105 mmcoarse1 pc.
420904Stainless steel22 x 105 mmcoarse1 pc.
420907Steel10 x 105 mmcoarse1 pc.
420910Stainless steel10 x 105 mmcoarse1 pc.
420902Steel22 x 105 mmmedium1 pc.
420905Stainless steel22 x 105 mmmedium1 pc.
420908Steel10 x 105 mmmedium1 pc.
420911Stainless steel10 x 105 mmmedium1 pc.
420903Steel22 x 105 mmfine1 pc.
420906Stainless steel22 x 105 mmfine1 pc.
420909Steel10 x 105 mmfine1 pc.
420912Stainless steel10 x 105 mmfine1 pc.

Brushes can also be used for decorative finishing, such as brushing solid wood surfaces.

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