rust stop converter and primer


RUST STOP water-based converter and primer – polymer system that converts corrosion products, stops the corrosion process and establishes a durable matt-black coating.

RUST STOP is used on rusty metal surface, metal constructions and automobile parts processing.

8000060.05 L1/50 pcs.
8000080.20 L1/27 pcs.
8000091 L1/6 pcs.
different sizing rust stop converter and primer

  1. Before use clean the surface of dirt, grease and rust.
  2. Carefully shake the bottle.
  3. With a brush or roller, apply to area to be treated.
  4. After a short time the surface will begin to become black. This is indicative of the onset of the rust conversion process.
  5. After three hours (+ 20 °C) the corrosion process will be completely finished. Subsequently, RADEX RUST STOP coating surface can be treated with filler or any other color.
  6. After use, tools should be washed thoroughly with water.

Protect from freezing.

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