cr plus washprimer


CR+ Washprimer is an anti-corrosion wash primer based on polyvinyl resins. It offers a 100% corrosion protection on the substrates. The wash primer is also ideal for isolating putty spots before the filler application.

The product ensures excellent adhesion to various substrates and very high anti-corrosion resistance, also on damaged coating (scratches and chips of the paint coating). Intended for application in thin layers in combination with any acrylic filler.

Primer CR+8000121 L1/6 pcs.
Activator CR+8000510.5 L1/6 pcs.
cr plus washprimer and activator

cr plus washprimer recommendations

Use with Activator CR+.

CR + Wash primer is perfectly suited for the adhesion on substrates such as steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces.

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