2k epoxy structural bonding


Radex® 225 2K Epoxy is a unique epoxy created for bonding and repairing various materials. This product boasts zero shrinkage and is excellent for grinding.

Its advantages include being a leadfree alternative to tin soldering, requiring no open flame. It provides perfect sag resistance, rebuilds the original shape effectively, exhibits excellent curing speed, robust bond strength, and remains flexible even under cooler conditions with no shrinkage.

220225195 ml1/12 pcs.

Applied with the RADEX HSG or HCG hand gun at a mixing ratio of 2:1, it can be cured using the IR heater at 60°C.

RADEX 2k-Epoxy is a versatile system for repairing, bonding, and sealing metal, as well as other materials like stone, SMC, ABS, aluminum, galvanized steel, cold-rolled steel, and hot-rolled steel.

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