white profi masking tape 120 degrees


Crepe paper in white color is resistant to waterborne paints and any infrared heaters. Thermo resistance is up to 120ºC degrees.

Profi masking tape is intended for masking cars during preparation and painting procedures under average and high temperatures. Thermo resistance is up to 120ºC degrees.

35035119 mm x 50 m48 pcs.
35035225 mm x 50 m36 pcs.
35035338 mm x 50 m24 pcs.
35035450 mm x 50 m24 pcs.

Superior quality and high performance RADEX PROFI masking tapes can be used not only in the professional automotive sphere but also by equipment manufacturers.

Their basic application is to protect the surface from paint materials. Wide application of masking tapes is caused by specific features of their adhesive layer. The glue has low adhesion and leaves no traces on the surface after removal.

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