washi orange rice paper tape


RADEX Washi rice paper tape (also known as Japanese Flat Paper) is generally used for paint masking applications. This Washi paper tape does not break when peeling, but can be easily cut or torn by hand. Tape will not give adhesive residue and not change color up to 150°C for 30 minutes. It is designed to give an excellent paint break line.

WASHI masking tape is recommended for car repair paint masking and to make a critical edge and mask a corner part. RADEX Washi masking tape does not leave a residue. The back side of this tape will not repel paint.

38001919 mm x 50 m48 pcs.
38002525 mm x 50 m36 pcs.

Their basic application is to protect the surface from paint materials. Wide application of masking tapes is caused by specific features of their adhesive layer. The glue has low adhesion and leaves no traces on the surface after removal.

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