• Easy placement
  • Perfect edge finish
  • No glue residue
  • Protective role

T-FOAM masking tape boasts a semi-rigid flat shape that facilitates quick and easy placement on edges. When attached to the edge of a surface, the tape prevents paint from seeping into unwanted areas, ensuring a pristine finish that is imperceptible to the eye.

Unlike other masking foam tapes, its adhesive remains intact even when subjected to heat within the cabin, leaving behind no residue on the surface. Additionally, it comes with siliconized paper to shield the tape from contamination during sanding processes in workshops, preserving its bond strength during application.

67011011 mm x 25 m1 pc.
t-foam masking foam tape in a dispenser box

  • Apply to clean and degreased surface. Do not prolong.
  • Pull one foam strip from the roll.
  • Press the foam strip to a surface.
  • Avoid the foam adhesive contact with paint.
  • Apply in doorway no closer than 3-5 mm from the edge.
  • After drying remove the foam tape from the surface.
  • Possible to use with infrared heaters at a temperature no higher than 80°C.

Using the masking foam tape speeds up the masking process before painting. It is a barrier for dust or spatter penetrating inside the car. Masking foam tape doesn’t leave traces of glue after removal.

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